Why choose Fletcher

Evolved not Manufactured

In 1964, Norman Fletcher became the first Class III Off shore Champion, and it was his early passion for Sportsboats Racing that resulted in Fletchers famous Deep V Hull construction.

Why over the past four decades has over 80,000 hulls be sold all over the world?

In a word: reassurance.

Chose Fletcher and you investing in the best Deep V hull designs developed in the punishing world of completion. Hulls with sea keeping qualities that inspire absolute confidence, giving you soft, predicable handling. Hulls that go onto the plane fast and ride high, for superior performance and economical power levels.

Since the foundation of the original company in 1960, Fletcher Boats have established a worldwide reputation for the quality, innovation and technological excellence of our range of Sportsboats and Sportscruisers.

The Fletcher Difference

All Fletchers are hand laid as we feel this produces a better boat and enables us to take advantage of the available fibreglass technology. Mass produced boats are commonly spray layed relying on building up a bulk of chopped strand mat to provide hull strength.

At Fletcher we hand apply two gel coats and then back this up with a layer of light mate. This is then left to cure before the rest of the lay up continues. We then utilise a variety of mats from multi – directional chopped strand mat to bi-directional woven silks to complete the lay up process. Woven silks are used to provide strength in key areas that are subject to higher stress such as the keel and chines of the boat. The lay up is further supplemented with core matt, which adds bulk but little weight to the overall lay up. The end result is a mirror like finish and a hull that is lighter and stiffer than many of its rivals.