Wakesport range

In response to the ever increasing popularity of wakeboarding we looked to see if we could offer a package to address the very specific requirements of this exciting sport. Having consulted a number of riders we developed our existing inboard range and discovered we could offer a genuine alternative to the current crop of ‘tower bolted to boat’ options that currently exist.

Whilst we would never claim to rival the wakes of the tournament boats we feel that our Wakesport range offer significant advantages over the specialist suppliers.

  • With no central fins our boats can easily be launched and recovered from shallow sites
  • You can drive a Fletcher onto the beach to pick up or drop off friends
  • The deep V hull provides excellent directional stability
  • When you venture off a lake you know you have a hull that can handle the sea
  • By adjusting the position of the leg you can ‘trim’ the wake to suit your ability
  • At ski speed the wake flattens out and you can enjoy another discipline
  • Smaller horsepower engines matched with the correct prop and drive unit result in no loss of performance but significant reduction in running costs.
  • Choose from a wide variety of colours and custom options
  • The boats are supplied as a complete package – just add water and you are ready to play!
  • A significant cost saving over the equivalent tournament boat


wakesport pdf

Our wakesport range