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Preparation, maintenance and safety from Fletcher:

  • Always wear a life jacket whilst on your boat.
  • Make sure your boats engine is turned off before allowing people to swim near your boat. Shut the engine off and remove the key from the ignition switch so that nobody will accidentally start the engine.
  • Keep fire fighting and lifesaving equipment in good condition and readily available.
  • Always ensure that the bung is in the back of the boat when in the water and remove once finished to drain excess water.
  • When using your boat in salt water, thoroughly wash your boat and trailer off.
  • When washing your boat it is recommended to wash it like a car, rinse it, wash with soapy water and then rinse the soapy water off and dry it.
  • Every now and then it is recommended to polish/wax your boat to maintain its shine
  • Always ensure to run the boats engine up on the ‘engine flushing muffs’ when finished in salt water. The engine flushing muffs can be simply placed over the engine water intake and connected to a hose. Never run for long periods and do not over rev.
  • f you boat ever gets wet, leave the covers off to dry the boat out.
  • Remember to flush your trailer bearings every time after use in salt water!
  • Remember to bring your boat in for a service at Fletcher and get 10% off your bill if quoting this website!